Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Majorette Volvo 245DL

The real 245DL is one of six in 240 series that was introduced in 1974. it is very nice family car.

Colorful Variation 

Majorette made this station wagon version in 1/60 scales in 200 series with production code number of 220.

We can say all of color variations was produced in France. I never see the Thailand-base version.

It has opening door.

As far I knew there are few other die-cast brands who made 1/64 scales of this car.

Kiko Brazil, most of them has painted base
I ever have 'Globe Toys' which is exact copy of Majorette, the difference is on rear door which is fixed (cannot be opened) and there is no 'Majorette' on base.
Then, Kiko (Brazil) who has official license from Majorette to produce and sell locally (correct me if I'm wrong..).
Corgi Junior by Corgi England 

The most small variation found in wheels and windows.

Like most of Majorette 1/64 cars, this Volvo 245DL has tow hitch and part of them sold in 300 series with matching trailer (horse cage, boat, caravan, etc.). Enjoy...

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  1. Hi! The model brazilian that you show in the picture was made by Inbrima, not by Kiko... The Inbrima factory made Matchbox and Majorette model on Manaus city in 70's years. Kiko made the models Corgi Kiko and Majorette Kiko on 80's in Rio de Janeiro city. Two diferents factorys. Look my Volvo:

    1. Hello.. thank you for your correction! Yes on both Volvo models I have, it stated 'FAB ZF MANAUS'. I was wondering what 'Manaus' stands for and now based your information it is clear that is a city in Brazil. So both models above was made in Manaus city and fabricated by INBRIMA, not KIKO.. Thanks again! Arief