Sabtu, 08 Desember 2018

Seiko 70 Flyback Chronograph Series with Their Unique Bracelets

Like SpeedTimer and other non-Seiko-5-Sports JDM Serie 61, the 70 series also have their special bracelets..

XLA131 for 7015-6000

XGA430 for 7015-6010 Time Sonar

XGA430 for 7015-6010 Time Sonar 

XGA430 for 7015-6010 Time Sonar

the 7015 Time Sonar also came with ultra cool rubber strap + analog compass!

XJA241 for 7015-8000 green dial

XJA241 for 7015-8000 blue dial

XLA072 for 7015-7010

XGA270 for 7015-7020

XAA821 for 7015-7000 blue dial

XAA821 for 7015-7000 black dial

Stats as 'AA280' but I am sure it should be XAA280, for 7017-6000 Soccer Basketball

XGA071 for 7017-6010
XGA071 for 7017-6020

XGA151 for 7017-6040

XJA151 for 7017-6040 Arabic Dial

XAA521 for 7017-6050

XAA531 for 7017-8000

XAA531 for 7017-8000 Pulsimeter

XGA430 for 7018-6000 Time Sonar