Senin, 03 Februari 2020

Seiko 5 7S26-6040 - SKX237 (SOLD)

One of interesting things about Seiko is, the more you've learned you'll realize that there are lot more you should learned.

Stock photos from Seiko's website

This SKX237 (green) is a part of series,  SKX233 (beige dial), SKX235 (blue), SKXE07 (fluorescent/lume dial) and maybe one more with black dial, I don't know. Movement-case code is 7s26-6040.

Left: SNK427 Center: SKX237 Right: SKX429

Looks the same with 7s26-3060 (SKX425, SKX427, SKX429, SKX431) or 7s26-00d0 (SNK425, SNK427, SNK429, SNK431) but the diameter is slightly smaller, 34.2mm. Same lug width, 18mm and AFAIK only came with nylon/canvas strap with aluminum buckle, and you'll love this, drilled-lug on all side!

Well there is not much reference you can find on internet, maybe the series made for 'other planet' market :) 

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