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Seiko Sports FIELDMASTER 1421-0140

I believe this made in 1982 Seiko 1421-0140 is the first FIELDMASTER series, before it's sequel 2C21-0080 and SAD048 (H558-5020). It has uncommon looks, with only 28mm wide, 20mm lug width and (maybe) the only watch with 3 springbars attached. The original rubber AL27A strap is uncommon too, shorter in total length compared to common strap.

Known as CONTRA Fieldmaster... I cannot find any official evidence why this watch is associated with a group militant in Nicaragua, not many but there are some stories on world wide web, let's skip it and continue to what this strange-watch can do.

Based on leaflet below (dated 1983 vol. 1) with my own editorial:

Seiko Sports FIELDMASTER Series

With different system combination methods we can use depending the purpose. Tough for outdoor sports.
Seiko offered 2 colors, SAZ018 (1421-0140) in Black and SAZ022 (1421-014A) in Olive Drab.

We can wear the watch with 3 combinations:

① Analog clock, with
② Digital Watch, Alarm & Timer, or with
③ Compass, or with
④ Map Meter

Analog 1421 & Digital B004 are different movements so basically if we use them as a combo we are wearing 2 watches.
Three items of to freely replaced in the lower part of the analog watch (basic watch).

The digital section has an alarm with chime sound and a timer one minute to one hour and 59 minutes

The map meter is capable to measure actual size of the map in 1/25000, 1/50000 scales.

Made for orienteering, camping and other outdoor sport activities. The engineer designed this watch very well, it just like a vintage Smart Band, tough to wear while exploring the forest, breaking through bushes, even when it rains, thanks to the 10-ATM water resistance!

Analog Watch Body (with Cal 1421A, 2-jewels) Specifications:
(Look at the look, it has diver style with rotating bezel. Remember Spork aka Tuxedo Diver SRP043?)
〇 monthly rate: less than 15 seconds (in normal temperature)
〇 Battery life approximately 2 years 
〇 Use Seiko battery (Seizaken) SB-DG, or TR621SW or SR621SW
〇 Battery Life indicator
〇 With second hand stop device (Train Wheel Second Setting)
〇 Amazing battery lifetime warning function
〇 10 ATM Water Resistance

Digital Module/Cal.B004A
a very small digital movement with only 17.5mm diameter and approx 4.4mm thickness and these amazing features:

〇 monthly rate: less than 15 seconds (in normal temperature)
〇 Battery life approximately 2 years 
〇 Use Seiko Battery SB-EK or TR721W or SR721W
〇 With Alarm & Hourly Time Signal
〇 With Timer (1 minute to 11 hours 59 minutes)
〇 With Time Function 
〇 Sound Demo Control Function (Alarm Test Function) 
〇 Automatic calendar with month, date and day of the week, adjusts automatically for odd and even months except February of leap years
〇 One step to adjust second to "00" (looks like Second Setting in analog watch) by pulling out the crown in Time Mode
〇 10 ATM Water Resistance

B004 is unique digital watch, small (designed for lady).Unique because it has no button! Just one-magic crown to do everything including all setting needs.

We can switch into each mode by turn the crown clockwise. 
pull out the crown in Time Display to set the time
pull out the crown in Day/Date Display to set to set the day
pull out the crown in Month/Date Display to set the month/date, 
in Alarm Display to set alarm,
in Timer Display to set the timer

How to test alarm sound/rings?
In Time Display turns the crown clockwise & counterclockwise twice within 2.5 seconds.

How to engage & disengage alarm function and how to stops the alarm rings?
In the Alarm Display, the alarm mark appears and disappears alternately with each push of the crown and the alarm Is engaged and disengaged respectively. And to stop alarm rings is by turn the crown once clockwise or counterclockwise..

10 ATM Water Resistance

Map Meter 
Can measure map with 1/25000 & 1/50000 scales and with 3 ATM Water Resistance

I make PDF file of User Manual including Cal 1421 & B004, feel free to download here:
Seiko Contra Fieldmaster User Manual

We can also look different Catalog/Leaflets that shows the watches...

A true CONTRA-ordinary watch (y)

Senin, 02 Juli 2018

Seiko H801-6040 Fieldmaster

Jam tangan buat mereka yang suka berpetualang. Didisain dengan sangat teliti sampai-sampai caseback-nyapun dibuat dari bahan plastik, bukan metal. Hal ini untuk mencegah jam tangan menjadi lengket di pergelangan tangan jika dipakai di cuaca dingin ekstrim seperti di daerah kutub.
Fitur khusus:
Dilengkapi dengan Map Meter dengan skala 1/50.000
(fungsi chapter ringnya adalah sebagai penggaris yang akan berputar jika crown besar di bagian kiri jam digelindingkan di atas peta.
Bezel luar berfungsi sebagai kompas (cara kerjanya dengan memanfaatkan posisi matahari).
Modul yang dipakai adalah H801 dengan spesifikasi sebagai berikut:
- Tingkat akurasi +/- 15 detik per bulan
- Menggunakan baterai Seiko SB-BN atau ekuivalen dengan SR920W
Displai Analog menunjukkan waktu dengan 3 jarum.

Displai Digital yang melengkung dapat diatur untuk menunjukkan:
- Waktu (bekerja secara terpisah dengan jam analog, jadi bisa dimanfaatkan untuk menunjukkan zona waktu yang berbeda seperti jam GMT.
- Fungsi kalender otomatis yang hanya perlu disesuaikan di tahun kabisat.
- Alarm & penanda pergantian jam.
- Stopwatch (1/100 detik sampai dengan 60 menit)
- Indikator AM-PM
- Lampu LCD
- Ketahanan terhadap tekanan air sampai dengan 10 bar.