Rabu, 24 Juni 2020

1968 Seiko Brochure/Catalog for Indonesian Market

At least this is an evidence that in 1968 ladies & gentlemen can buy Seiko in authorized stores in Indonesia.

The Cover 'Boy' is  Seiko 5 6119-7100

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Rainbow Ladies Watches:
R-1, SV-2, R-2, SV-3, R-3, SV-6, R-7

Seiko Sportsmatic 7625-8040, Seiko 2119-0090, Seiko 7625-8230, Seiko 2107-0120, Seiko 7625-7053, Seiko 6602-7040

Seiko 10-3100, Seiko LD 330, Seiko 10-0830, Seiko LD 110, Seiko 1004-7030, Seiko LD 99, Seiko 1004-7020, Seiko 2505-7040

Seiko 5 6119-5000 (Manhattan), Seiko 5 Sports 6119-6020, Seiko 5 6119-8160, Seiko 'Sport Diver' 6106-8100 with uncommon bracelet, Seiko 5 6119-8090, Seiko Navigator Timer 6117-8000 also with uncommon bracelet!

Right, Lady Solid Gold Series:
Seiko 186010 14K Gold, Seiko 151002 14K Gold, Seiko 186002 14K White Gold, Seiko 185007 14K White Gold

Seiko World Time 6117-6010
Seiko Bellmatic 4006-7020
Seiko Lord Matic LM 5606-5000
Grand Seiko GS 6146-8000 Hi-Beat
Seiko Sea Lion M330 6106-9010
Seiko Presmatic 5106-9000

There is a store stamp at last page:
Toko Arlodji & Radio
Pasar Besar 123 Telp. 4386

Kamis, 04 Juni 2020

Seiko 6R15-00X0 SCBS015 Metal Burger (SOLD)

Heavy metal from Discus Burger or Moving Design series, the SCBS015 (6R15-00X0).

Tiny 20mm crystal protected with large bezel.

with original bracelet

Very unusual watch, not-easy to read the time : )

Rabu, 03 Juni 2020

Seiko 5 SNXE41 7S26-00Z0 (SOLD)

Uncommon military style Seiko 5, the SNXE41K1 (7S26-00Z0). Found it in Japan with MSRP ¥18.000 as 'Import Watch'.

Size is similar to SKX425, approx. 35mm diameter, 19mm lug width.

With 7S26A movement,  'see-through' caseback and looks like it made in 2004.

Left: SNXE33 - SNXE37 - SNXE39

Minggu, 29 Maret 2020

Iklan Seiko Bellmatic tahun 1970

Ini adalah iklan Seiko Bellmatic yang ditayangkan di majalah Life tepat di balik sampul depan edisi September 1970. 

Hal lain yang menarik, di sampul depan itu terdapat daftar harga majalah untuk beberapa negara. Di Jepang dijual dengan harga 180 Yen atau setara dengan 180 Rupiah (saat itu).

Jadi di semua katalog Seiko tahun 1970 harganya bisa disimpulkan sama 1:1 antara Yen & Rupiah (sekali lagi, saat itu).

Senin, 03 Februari 2020

Seiko 5 7S26-6040 - SKX237 (SOLD)

One of interesting things about Seiko is, the more you've learned you'll realize that there are lot more you should learned.

Stock photos from Seiko's website

This SKX237 (green) is a part of series,  SKX233 (beige dial), SKX235 (blue), SKXE07 (fluorescent/lume dial) and maybe one more with black dial, I don't know. Movement-case code is 7s26-6040.

Left: SNK427 Center: SKX237 Right: SKX429

Looks the same with 7s26-3060 (SKX425, SKX427, SKX429, SKX431) or 7s26-00d0 (SNK425, SNK427, SNK429, SNK431) but the diameter is slightly smaller, 34.2mm. Same lug width, 18mm and AFAIK only came with nylon/canvas strap with aluminum buckle, and you'll love this, drilled-lug on all side!

Well there is not much reference you can find on internet, maybe the series made for 'other planet' market :) 

Minggu, 02 Februari 2020

Seiko 7s26-01v0 Green Dial SNK379 (SOLD)

There are many type with mov't-case code 7s26-01v0 but only 3 with arabic/military dial, SNK377 (white dial), SNK379 (dark green) & SNK381 (black).

All of them came with luminous index & hands, see-through caseback and metal bracelet.

Compared with 6616-8280 Sportsmatic

Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

Seiko SKX427 vs SNK427 - Side by Side

Both are still affordable in price now but we will need extra energy to catch either one, moreover all of them.

They looks the same, hard to recognize each of them from the face.

The SKX427 or 7S26-3060 came with full metal caseback while SNK427 or 7S26-00D0 with crystal+metal (see-through).

From the side it's clearly the SKX is thinner than SNK and the case shape is slightly different.

Both SKX and SNK runs with 7S26A caliber and came with 2 optional bands, bracelet and canvas.