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Seiko 6139-7010, 7011, 7012 & Military 7012

Started about 3 years ago to collect this series, I've found and can summarize entire of them below:

- there is 6139-7000 (proof-proof) before 6139-701x

- 6139-7010 proof-proof grey Arabic dial
- 6139-7010 proof-proof black Arabic dial
- 6139-7011 proof-proof black Arabic dial, most of them made in Oct/Nov 1970

All 3 above has old style two-piece second hand, and all the rest below has one-piece second hand:

- 6139-7011 resist-proof black Arabic black dial, Dec 1970
- 6139-7011 restst-resist black non-Arabic black dial, Dec 1970
- 6139-7012 resist-resist black non-Arabic black dial, 1971-1972
- 6139-7012 JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self Defense Force), it has no 'proof or resist' on caseback and the example I've found is with black Arabic dial, dated July 1971
- 6139-7012 resist-resist brown-grey dial (1972)

Except the JMSDF version that I don't know yet the original bracelet it came with, all of them are came with same bracelet code XLA071. See my previous post HERE.

Think this 7010 has early production month, Feb 1970
7011 proof-proof Nov (left) & Oct (right) 1970
6139-7011 resist-resist with non Arabic black dial, Dec 1970

6139-7011 with water resistance mark on caseback and proof black dial, it has one-piece second hand, dated Dec 1970
Another 'resistance' caseback and proof dial with one-piece second hand.
March 1971 (left) and May 1972 (right). Both 7012 with dial variation.

6139-7012 JMSDF dated July 1971. Serial number, name of model and country of origin are engraved inside the caseback to make room on outer side for JMSDF logo and individual personnel number.
Just like the other 7012 and proof-resist 7011 version it runs with cal. 6139B 21 jewels.
The other military version is 6139-7012 JASDF (Japan Air Self Defense Force), we can see the example HERE.

Bottom-right is JMSDF version.

There are small differences between 7010-7011-7012, shown below, 7010 is thinner than 7011 and 7011 is thinner than 7012 (both version).

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