Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Conrad Mercedes W123 Station Wagon

Conrad seems to be one of few diecast toys and model maker which still maintain their (human-scale) perfection on all line of production. On producton process, since the approval of blueprint, molding, assembling, finishing until  prior-to-delivery quality control, this German manufacturer have faithfully remained to traditional model-making: handcraft!
Based on Conrad Scale 2004-2011, this company has not outsourced production to China or elsewhere in Asia.

Here I have good example of their 1:66 scales (until nowadays, most Conrad model has 1:50 in scales).

Mercedes-Benz (W123) T Modelle

The hood, truck and doors are open, this is awesome for as small as 1:64 toys/model.

- Conrad Official Website (www.conradmodelle.de)
- Wikipedia, and
- eyesight experience...

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